The King-sized Assamese Thali


Featuring a delicious roundup of the Assamese Cuisine. Are you Hungry Yet?

  1. Steamed Rice – Bhaat
  2. Xaak Bhaaji – Dry green leafy vegetable.
  3. Daal – Dail or Daali
  4. Khaar – A kind of veg / non-veg item
  5. Bhaaji – Dry fried vegetables
  6. Torkari – Curry style Vegetables
  7. Maasor Aanja – A light and tangy Fish Curry (tenga aanja)
  8. Mangxor Jol – Meat or Chicken Curry
  9. Chutney
  10. Some Fries – can be of various vegetables.
  11. Pitika – Served as a side dish, kind of a mash.
  12. Asaar – achar or pickle.


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