Lush Green Tea Gardens of Assam

Hundreds of tourists wander across the elegant tea-garden pockets tucked away from the surrounding noise of the cities. Synonymous with India’s highest tea cultivating site, Northeastern states is renowned for its glorious coloured, rich and distinct malty flavoured tea. Assam has established a reputation for contributing 50% of India’s tea output. Assam tea is a hot favourite among tea enthusiasts and preferred all over the world due to its distinct aroma, bright colour and malty flavour.

There are more than 100 tea estates in and around Assam and many reputed groups like Tata Group of Companies, Williamson Tea Estates are known to have their tea gardens amongst these. These impressive tea gardens look like a lush green canopy making it the quintessential Tea production spots in the world. Moreover, the surrounding greenery and pleasant climate of the mountains make it favourable for the adventure seekers to set up eco-camps atop the hillocks.

The best time to explore these tea estates is during the Assam Tea festival which starts in the month of November in the district of Jorhat. This festival includes several activities including tea garden walks, golf activities, jungle safaris, food hopping and cultural entertainment. Jorhat is the tea capital of Assam being the largest producer here and also host to the Annual tea festival. Jorhat has the world famous Teklai Experimental Centre where research work is carried out to find new varieties of tea.

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