The “Suicide Spot” of Assam

Assam’s Jatinga village has come to be known as the “suicide spot” due to a unique phenomenon. Every year, migratory birds fly to this small remotely located hamlet in order to commit mass suicide. This unexplained occurrence has caught the attention and bemused everyone world over and Scientist have termed this unusual activity as the “bird mystery of Jatinga“. It starts during the late monsoon period, between August and October, when dozens of migratory bird flocks, in a sinking motion, drop downwards from the sky crashing to their deaths.

This mysterious phenomenon draws curiosity across the world as birds are never heard of harbouring suicidal tendencies. One of the reasons leading to this phenomenon could be the lanterns on poles hung by the villagers which evoke an unusual interest among these birds. When the flocks of birds approach these lights, they crash down near them like a headlong rush to destruction. This strange mystery helps the Dima Hasao Autonomous Council to lure tourists to their province.

According to recent studies, these suicidal species of birds found at Jatinga live in the vicinity of approx 10 to 15 kilometres in the village. These birds are seen to have such tendencies during the late monsoon when most of the water bodies experience heavy floods in Assam. There is a growing campaign against this practice followed by the Dima Hasao tribe, but nevertheless, Jatinga continues to remain the jewel in the tourism crown of Dima Hasao.


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