Your Guide to Kamakhya Temple

The Kamakhya Temple has a religious history spanning thousands of years and is an attraction for all tourists visiting the city. This temple is situated on the Nilachal hills, on the western flank of Guwahati city. Kamakhya Temple is counted as one of the most popular temples of India and is visited by lakhs of devotees every year. The Kamakhya Temple is home to the esoteric and cryptic Tantrik practice which arouses curiosity among a set of people.

Surrounding its vicinity, a multitude of shrines of Hindu deities like Shiva and others are located here. The annual festival called Ambubachi Mela is celebrated here when the temple records the highest visits of devotees. It is conjectured that Devi Kamakhya, the presiding Goddess, goes through her yearly menstrual cycle at this time. This festival witness lakhs of visitors, including tantriks, sadhus and pilgrims and has evolved as the most revered pilgrimage destination in the present times.

People also visit the nearby temples like the Maa Manasa Snake Goddess Temple and Tara Temple and the Bhubaneswari Temple. The magnificent view of the city from this location has a quaint and peaceful feel. The Kachapukhuri, a natural pond full of turtles is another worth visiting point near Kamakhya and is a perfect spot to find nature and calm in the city. The visitors can explore the artistic sculptures of the shrine, adorned with several artworks. The Kamakhya Temple has become one of the familiar landmarks of Assam, boasting impressive views from the top of the Nilachal hill.

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