Best things to do when in Guwahati

Guwahati sits on the southern banks of the Brahmaputra River, the nucleus of the city, set against the staggering beauty of the Nilachal hills. Guwahati is listed among the 100 fastest developing cities of the world and in India, it ranks as the fifth fastest growing city. Every time you visit Guwahati, you will notice a new building battling for attention on the skyline.

When in Guwahati :

1. Hitch a ride to Umananda

The first thing you can do is hop on a ferry, enjoy the serene waters of the Brahmaputra and your end destination is the beautiful riverine Peacock island, abound with natural allure and picturesque views. The Umananda Temple is located here, surrounded by the charming river waters, and its phenomenal location which makes it a must-visit among the travel itineraries.

2. Go Street Shopping

It’s imperative that you go shopping when visiting a new place. The  Fancy Bazaar market is one of the busiest shopping destinations here for most of the common public. You can find a wide range of wholesale items and many shops where you can shop for the traditional hand-woven Muga and other silks Mekhela Chador, highly sought after by women in Assam and the rest of the country.

2.  Experience the ethnic cuisines
Guwahati is no short of eateries with most restaurants serving brilliant food at pocket-friendly prices. You can find an excellent list of Chinese and Continental options in the G.S. road area which is always buzzing with the young crowd. For the local food fans, there are some old favourites like Khorikaa, Paradise Restaurant and few newbies to give you a taste of Northeast India.

The vegetarians are also spoilt for choice with a handful of top-notch vegetarian restaurants like Shahi Darbar, JB’s, Makhan Bhog, Kiranshree etc and many more.

4. For the Nature Enthusiasts
Escape from the hustle bustle of the city to some of the relaxing retreats whether to embark on an exciting trek or to just go on a drive during the late afternoons. The Gandhi Mandap, the picturesque Belle-vue, located on the Kharguli Hills, The GMC viewpoint are hotspots to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city in the evening twinkle up with distant lights.

5.  Kamakhya Darshan
Assam has no shortage of temples and prides itself on being a melting pot of culture, and Guwahati with its Kamakhya Temple always tops the tourism list. The best time to visit this temple is during the grand Ambubachi Mela, one of the largest human congregations, held during the monsoon season. The main attraction of this mela are the Sadhus and Tantriks, from all over India, who gather here and involve themselves in different yogic and tantrik practices.

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