The Diverse Culture of Northeast India

Northeast India is everything you could possibly hope for a unique experience all wrapped up in one. This region has always had a reputation for its distinctive culture and unique lifestyle which have developed completely unaffected by outside influences.
Approximately 220 languages officially exist here, as there are many tribes and sub-tribes having their own individual dialects in Northeast India.
The traditional festivals, music and dance play a huge role in the life of people. Whether its the colourful headgears, the beating of log drums, the delightful tune of Pepa, smoked pork to locally brewed rice beers, every festival have their own individual prized attributes.
The northeastern cuisine is mostly meat based and involves cooking with simple ingredients and local herbs. When it comes to Northeastern cuisines, there are a lot of Northeastern dishes even the most adventurous foodie might need coaxing to, Bhoot Jolokia, (Ghost Peppers), Silkworms being some of them.
Traditional Outfit
Natural fibres have a lot of significance in the traditional garments of this region. The classic Muga and Pat silk Mekhela Sador, the Naga shawls, the Khasi ankle length costumes with a fitted blouse or the long woven skirts with colourful thread embroideries stand out from the rest of the country.
Art and Crafts
The Northeastern people are renowned to be skilled craftsmen and for few communities their indigenous handlooms and handicrafts, exquisite art and crafts have been their means of livelihood.

The culture and heritage of Northeast can truly be the most rewarding experience for a traveller. Unearth the tradition and cultural diversity of this mysterious land with My Voyage Tours.

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